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Lip enhancement and rejuvenation at The London Face and Skin Clinic

Here at The London Face and Skin Clinic we use dermal fillers to restore ones’ lips.

Pucker up and enjoy kissable lips all year long! As we get older, or succumb to the effects of hormonal changes, sun damage, moking, weight loss and even dehydration, lines and wrinkles begin to form around our mouth.

Dermal fillers allow us to restore the lips, muscle-relaxing treatments such as Botox® and Dysport® are particularly effective ways of correcting downward-pointing mouth corners and reducing creases in the longer term.

Lip enhancements and rejuvenation with dermal fillers such as VOLBELLA®, Aliaxin®FL, Aliaxin®GP, Belotero® Balance and Belotero® Intense are ideal options for anyone wanting to create a slightly fuller look to their lips or to enhance the shape and definition without lipstick or lip liners.

Fuller lips are perceived as a trait of youth, beauty and sensuality.

Lip enhancement and rejuvenation, London W1

Some people were born with great lips, and others were born with lips whose appearance could be improved.

For those who weren’t born with the perfect lips, there are many ways we can change lips to improve their appearance.

  • Lip cosmetic surgery, cupid's bowSize of Lips
  • Proportion of Lips
  • Projection of Lips
  • Shape of the Lips
  • Cupid’s Bow
How many treatment sessions will I require?

Usually one appointment is required. Before we commence topical anaesthetic cream is placed to the tissue surface.

Which regions can be enhanced?

Lip regions that can be enhanced

Is there any downtime?
  • As with all injections there is a risk of small localised bruising – for many, this can be hidden with a little makeup.
  • Anything that might increase your risk of bruising, such as medications you may be taking, will be flagged at consultation stage.
  • Immediately after the treatment and for a few days following, you may experience some localised swelling – this varies slightly according to individuals but will generally be decreasing from 24hrs after treatment.
  • You will receive full aftercare advice to help you manage and reduce swelling or bruising.
    We can see you for a follow up appointment around 1-2 weeks after your treatment to check how the results are settling.
How long will the enhancement last for?

It depends on the exact product used and that will be discussed with you in the consultation.

Fillers in the lips can last from 6 to 12 months, at which point you may wish to return again for treatment in order to keep them ‘touched up’ rather than letting them deplete and starting again.