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Facial Ageing and Volume Loss

As we age, we lose elasticity in our tissues along with decreasing bone density. When this occurs, it results in sagging or saggy tissue.

The triangle of beauty

The even distribution of volume in our facial skin when we are young helps it to look attractive. The main features of a younger looking face can be clearly seen as part of the ‘triangle of beauty’.

The triangle of beauty is associated with a youthful, positive appearance.

These include:

  • High cheekbones
  • Full jowls
  • Smooth skin
  • A lean, well-defined jaw line


These features combine to create a face shape and structure that is wider at the top, tapering down to the narrowest point at the chin. The overall look is relaxed and positive.

As we age, the signs of a loss of volume mean the triangle is inverted.

This is due to the following changes:

  • A wider, slacker jaw line
  • Sagging skin resulting in less defined facial contours
  • Flatter cheeks and general loss of bone
  • Wrinkles on the forehead and brows
  • General loss of the fat pads between the tissue and bone
  • The corners of the mouth point downwards
  • Hollowness of under eye area and temples


It’s the combination of these factors that equates to an aged appearance. As is seen here, the triangle is now turned upside down with the wider area towards the bottom of the face. As volume diminishes and skin sags the perception of the face is altered. The person can look sad or stressed and this can lead to incorrect judgements on their mood or outlook.