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Dermaroller / Dermapen

Dermaroller / Dermapen is a non-surgical procedure, great for treating acne scars and boosting collagen production.


Mature skin can majorly benefit from derma-rolling, as the surge of collagen helps improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and deliver a radiant glow.

Frequently asked Questions

Dermaroller and Dermapen are forms of micro-needling collagen induction therapies that work by creating “micro” wounds in the skin. This kick-starts your body’s natural healing process to repair itself by producing collagen, revealing clear, smooth and rejuvenated skin.

In the clinic, Dr Richard finds that typical results last between 6-12 weeks.  Research has shown that the procedure can deliver major improvements in acne scarring or wrinkling in two/three sessions and continued use delivers better results.

There will be some light redness for two/three days and the skin might peel in sensitive areas. If this does occur, do not pick it, use Vaseline. The peeling will fall off naturally as time passes.

Dermaroller / Dermapen helps mostly with skin rejuvenation, specifically:

  • Improving skin tone
  • Eliminating acne or acne scars (the more acne and scars, the more treatments needed)
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreasing hair loss (or stimulating growth)
  • Evening out stretch marks or other scars
  • Tightening loose skin

Dermaroller does not hurt. Dr Richard uses a numbing gel to limit discomfort.  Clients may still feel some tingling and afterwards, the skin may feel sore, but it will feel no worse than a mild sunburn.

Dr Richard undertakes comprehensive consultations at his London clinic, bespoke treatment plans start from £175.