I have used TLFSC for many years and can highly recommend the professionalism and of course the excellent results. You are given plenty of time to discuss concerns, ask questions and given options best suited to the results you are looking to achieve.

I bruise extremely easily and care is always taken to ensure I am able to continue my day immediately.


Dr Etok I wanted to thank you for the treatments I had it so far, as always I am so pleased with results and feel much more confident once again!

I have been seeing Dr. Etok for a good 5 years and every year I get more and more compliments. Thank you for your advice and kindness as well. I will be back for more very soon.


Richard approaches clients with understanding and his friendly manner soothed any concerns I had about having procedures, he explained things clearly and I never felt rushed or that any question was not valid. Unlike other practitioners I have seen, Richard is skilled at using his artistic eye together with his clinical expertise to ensure results that look natural.


I started seeing Dr Etok a couple of years ago and will never go to another Dr. now.  Right from my very first meeting he put me at ease and I had a long consultation where I discussed at length what I wanted to achieve.  I never felt rushed or pressured and he was so good at explaining what could be achieved and what wouldn’t work.

I go to Dr Etok for fillers and Botox and every time I go he takes the time to talk to me and access what’s the best plan.  There’s been many a time when he could have tried to sell me procedures that weren’t right or wouldn’t have worked for me, I know many others would have but he never has.  In fact, on many occasions, I have wanted more things doing and he’s advised me to hold off and see how I feel or been honest and explained that some things wouldn’t work how I want and it would be a waste of money.  He’s completely trustworthy like that.

I feel like I can talk to him very easily and he will listen.  I’ve been to many other clinics in the past where the service is not personal, they rush you in and rush you out, but that’s not the case here.  I’ve never felt rushed, I always leave knowing I’ve got the best and most professional treatment and that it has been performed with a great deal of care and attention.

It’s more like an ongoing maintenance process with Dr Etok.  You don’t go there once and have everything done that you possibly can.  Instead, he’s very good at doing things in stages to make sure the patient is completely happy.  The after care is amazing, I know I can always email him or text him with questions or pictures if I’m unsure about results and he always finds the time to see me as soon as he can.

That’s another thing, the clinic is very flexible and accommodating. Many others you’ll wait weeks, even months for an appointment but not here.

The prices are incredibly competitive for the service you get. Dr Etok is great at explaining exactly what products he’s using and why.  I know that other clinics just pump it in without even telling that patient what it is.

The results you will see are amazing. People are so surprised when they find out that I have fillers and Botox.  He’s a true artist when it comes to keeping it looking natural.

The extent of what can be achieved with Botox and fillers is astounding.  There are so many subtle changes you can make.  Since I have been seeing Dr Etok I feel like I’ve learned a lot about it and the science has always been well explained. It’s not just a case of a few needles in your forehead at all, I have managed to enhance so much more of my face, but it takes true skill and experience to know exactly what you’re doing and even an artistic flair and eye to know what will suit the client.  For this there’s is no one else that I would ever trust with my face.  Dr Etok knows precisely what he’s doing and is amazing at what he does.


I have been visiting Dr. Etok for several years for Botox treatments and have always been delighted with the results. I have found Dr. Etok to be knowledgeable of all the treatments he offers and he has always put me at ease during the process.

His rates are very competitive and I would be more than happy to recommend his treatments.


I have been visiting Dr. Etok Clinic for almost four years. He is excellent at his job and i am always 100% satisfied with the results. I trust him and value his opinion.

I really like that he and takes his time to listen to you and to discuss and explain the procedure. He is professional and has a lovely personality.

I have recommended him to my friends who are regular clients now. Location of the clinic is great and I really appreciate that he works on Sundays so I don’t have to take time off from work!


I feel in safe hands with Dr. Etok, not only is he very informed and keeps on tops of latest developments, he is reassuring and delivers very natural results.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.


I have been going to Dr Etok for several years now and am extremely happy with his services and the results.

He takes utmost care during procedures and always makes enough time to explain every step of the treatment beforehand as well as during the actual procedure, so I always know exactly what is going on.

I have introduced many of my friends and work colleagues to The London Face and Skin Clinic and all of them have been coming back regularly. Compared to other clinics I really feel that Dr Etok puts the interest of his patients first.

My results have always been positive and I can highly recommend his services.


I’ve been a patient of Richard’s for five years now.  He provides an educated and expert opinion on treatment options and helps achieve a very natural look.

I have regular Botox treatments and have tried the ArqueDerma treatment, which I would like to have again in the future.

I would absolutely recommend him to new patients.


I was recommended Dr. Etok by a friend and have visited him 3 times for Botox. He is very professional but friendly at the same time, making you feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important to someone who is afraid of needles!

Friends and family have said to me “you’re lucky you don’t have crows feet or wrinkles”, without realizing I’ve had Botox at all. A natural but effective result – the work of a great surgeon!

I also have a low brow and drooping eyelids, but didn’t want to undergo full invasive surgery, so Dr. Etok suggested he performed a thread lift around my eyes and brow.

Results took a while to see but now my eyes appear more open and I’m told once the threads dissolve the result will continue to improve. I would also happily recommend Dr. Etok to anyone.


I have been a patient of The London Face & Skin Clinic since 2012 and have been very pleased with the results achieved for me by Dr. Etok.

I have great confidence in his technical ability and in the depth of his experience. He is able to quickly pinpoint which treatment will produce the desired effect and is always careful to explain the treatment and its effect before any decisions are made. I particularly like that Dr. Etok is always realistic about what can be achieved and never overpromises.

I have no hesitation in recommending him.


I have been visiting Dr Etok for about 4 years now (* is it 4?…I can’t recall!). I saw him first for Botox as I had the awful ’11’ between my eyes which made me look tired all the time. I was very nervous at having this treatment and researched it for ages before finding Dr Etok via a friend who looked AMAZING. I asked where she went and off I went too. I was so happy with the results and have seen him ever since for Botox when required over three regions. I find his work so effective as he does not over-do any area so it gives a refreshed look rather than a frozen look. People on looking at me do not think I receive Botox as it looks natural. I am often told how well I look.

As I am now 51 my face was dropping a little so I decided to take the plunge with thread lifts. Again I was nervous but it is one of the best investments I have ever made. It has made me smile again. That with the occasional fillers in my lips and I really have gained lots of confidence thanks to Dr Etok’s work. I would never see anyone else. I call him ‘The Magician’.


I have done Botox with Dr. Etok and I couldn’t be happier.

Professional, discreet and very well done!

I will definitely come back for more youth!


I had the Arquederma treatment on several occasions performed by Dr. Richard Etok. On my very first visit, I felt very nervous and unsure as I have not had anything like this done in the past.

After my initial consultation, I felt slightly at ease although still nervous when the first appointment arrived. I braced myself upon arrival for treatment expecting the worst as I am the worst patient when I think I will feel pain. Dr Richard Etok made me feel relaxed and comfortable and talked me through everything he was doing whilst doing it. When it was over I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t not even half as bad as I had expected, I felt relieved and very happy with both myself and Dr Etok, needless to say I have revisited several times as and when needed and much more confident every visit. I must mention am also very happy with my results.

I have now gone one step further and had the 8 Point Facelift and PDO threads procedure and am very happy I did. I will be visiting Dr Etok in 2017 again.


I want to thank you and express how pleased I am with your the results of the treatments you offer. Your guidance and advice you gave me were extremely helpful in enabling me to choose the right treatments for me. I have always been extremely pleased with the results and they were what I had hoped for.


Dr. Etok combines the best of both worlds: a personal approach with professional results. That is why I return – again and again.


I have been a client at The London Face & Skin Clinic for 4 years and I am always delighted with the subtle yet rejuvenating effects of Richard’s treatments. Richard has such an engaging personality that I almost look forward to my visits.


Dr. Etok has been looking after my face for over 3 years now and I am delighted with the results and what he has achieved. I work in fashion and beauty, an industry where the pressure is high to remain young and look good. The physician who was doing my treatment retired and I was directed to Dr. Etok by a friend who had her fillers and Botox procedure carried out by him and was very enthusiastic about his skills.

I was impressed by his approach to his clients. He took the time to do a really thorough examination of my face, asked a lot of question to assess what I wanted but also what my perception of beauty was. I like the natural look and I wanted to enhance what I had naturally, not to change my physiology. He then explained to me what we could do, which techniques were available, what combinations were possible, the time frame and the cost structure.

When it came to execution, I was really impressed with his skills with needles, cannulas and threads. The downtime was always minimal due to his care to be as gentle as possible and the treatments always comfortable. He took all his time to go through explaining each step and checking all was ok. His follow up on his work was also very thorough. He never encouraged me to ” get more things done” and occasionally told me that what I was planning was not necessary.

I can recommend Dr. Etok to any woman who wants to keep her look safely. I can certainly say that Doctor Etok has my custom and my trust for life.


Dr. Etok has kept me looking naturally wrinkle free without the plastic or frozen look for the past 4 years. He carefully describes the anatomy of the muscles in your face and how and why our faces change as we age.

This, in turn, helps to explain why he administers the Botox in the chosen areas and adds assurance to his procedures. He is very patient at listening to my needs, advising me for or against treatments and is up to date on all the latest cosmetic surgery.

He always checks my current medical needs and advises accordingly before proceeding with any treatment.

After years of his service, I have complete confidence in Dr. Etok and now just let him work his magic!


Dr. Etok is a highly skilled and trained specialist who takes extra care in evaluating his patients and working out a comprehensive treatment plan suitable for their needs and expectations.

Never short of explanations and instructions on the overall courses of treatment, from the initial consultation to the post-treatment care, I felt safe, well taken care of and thus able to make an informed decision on the best plan of actions.

In particular, I am extremely happy with the results of the thread lift treatment, which gave me a fresher and younger look with almost no downtime at all. The treatment lasted less than hour and by carefully following the post care routine I was able to get back to my normal life within days.

I highly recommend Dr. Etok for his professionalism and attention to personal needs and I am looking forward to continuing working with him.


Dr. Etok is the only person I would trust to work on my face, as I’m a very nervous patient. He treats his patients as individuals and always listens to their concerns, that’s quite rare in the cosmetic procedures industry here you can quite easily feel you are on a production line.

The fact he is a very well qualified and experienced dentist in a former life also adds to the feeling that your wrinkles and lines are in safe hands.

I would highly recommend him, you will not be disappointed, my partner, for example, hasn’t a clue I have been visiting Dr. Etok for the past 3 or 4 years, he just remarks I’m looking very ‘fresh-faced’ after my visits!